Pet In-House Bloodwork (annual screening and illnesses)

We at Suburban Animal Clinic are aware of the close relationship you have with your animals. We are dedicated to providing more than just veterinary treatment.


Pet In-House Bloodwork

The foundation of our dedication to providing complete pet care is in-house bloodwork. Modern facilities at Suburban Animal Clinic allow us to do quick and precise blood testing on-site, in contrast to traditional clinics. This entails less worrying as you wait for results and allows for quicker, more accurate diagnoses for your animal companions.

Why In-House Bloodwork Matters for Your Pet’s Health

Rapid Results, Swift Action:

Not having to wait days for important test results is made possible by our in-house bloodwork capabilities. Our cutting-edge technology allows us to give you precise insights in a matter of minutes, enabling our knowledgeable veterinarians to decide on your pet’s health in a timely manner.

Personalized Care Plans:

It’s critical to comprehend the particular health profile of your cat. Our ability to customise health programs to your pet’s requirements thanks to in-house bloodwork, guarantees a well-rounded approach to their care.

Reduced Stress for Your Pet:

Tests in traditional veterinary procedures may need several trips. Your pet will be less stressed thanks to our on-site facilities, making their stay at Suburban Animal Clinic more relaxing and enjoyable.

Elevate Your Pet’s Well-Being with Suburban Animal Clinic

We at Suburban Animal Clinic are steadfastly committed to your pet’s well-being. When you choose us, you’re choosing a partner in your pet’s quest for optimum health rather than just a veterinarian office.

Our dedication to quality goes beyond the facilities we utilize for internal blood work. We place a high value on fostering a compassionate and understanding atmosphere. Each person on our team is not just an expert in their field, but also a fellow animal lover. We promise to treat your pet like an individual, taking into account the subtleties of their personality and medical requirements, in return for your trust.